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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

If you are thinking of vacationing or touring Manchester, you need the best 8-9 seater minibus hire package you can get. Not every private transport company around will offer you the kind of deal you want. However, Travel Eaze is at the forefront in providing you affordable, relievable and on-time services when you decide to book the 9 passenger minibus. We are the leaders in the group travel sector, and we make it possible for your group to enjoy good value for money.

Bespoke Travel Package

Travel Eaze is flexible and willing to deliver the bespoke travel package you need for your group of 8. Other providers will not. We don’t have a limit when it comes to the distance we can travel in and across Manchester. Our dedicated staff will work hand in hand with you to arrive at a package that fits your budget and group preferences. Don’t allow dishonest taxi companies to dupe you with unrealistic claims, and 8-9 seater minibus deal that seem too good to be true.

Appropriate Ground Clearance

Are our 8-9 seat minibuses up to the task you might ask? We procure our buses from leading vehicle brands. What’s more, we customize the vehicles to handle more load weight and frequent use. Our minibuses in this category will perform well in the city and they won’t disappoint you either once you hit the country terrain. We ensure that the vehicles come with appropriate ground clearance even when you go off-road. Remember, we incorporate safety features including speed limiters, shock systems and safety belts.

Comfort and Entertainment Fixtures on Board

Your group of nine will experience an exciting time on the road thanks to the comfort and entertainment fixtures on board. We put your comfort first and as such, our minibuses come fitted with an array of features ranging from surround system, LCD screens, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and reclining seats. We know that you need adequate stretch room on your long trip. As such, our interior design comes with roomy legroom and spacious alley. If there are individual with mobility issues, we ensure that most of our minibuses are wheel chair accessible.

Real-Time Trip Monitoring

When you head out of town in the 8-9 seater minibus, Travel Eaze makes sure that your trip is monitored in real time. There are GPS tools on board. If you encounter a problem, we will dispatch a rescue team whether its day or night. Travel Eaze makes sure that our minibuses are fully insured and manned by highly trained and experienced 8-9 seat minibus hiredrivers.

We never hire drivers who have less than 15 years of experience with MPVs. Check out our website and read reviews about our drivers. We are ready to provide the driver who impresses you. Our 24-7 support team is at your beck; call just in case you want to find out more about the driver you want to choose for your trip or guided tour of Manchester.

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