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Minibus Hire Ashton-Under- Lyne | Taxis Ashton-Under- Lyne

Travel Eaze is among the top licenced private taxi outfits in Ashton-Under- Lyne. We have been in operation for the last 15 years and we have earned a reputation for our customer fast approach. We offer regular and executive taxi services for new and existing customers. Our service delivery is quick and guaranteed. We, unlike many of our competitors, don’t take years to deliver. We pick you on time even when you have booked in advance. It’s our duty to remember your travel date and you need not worry about us absconding.

At Travel Eaze, we guarantee you flexible and chauffeur manages services. No more hassle designating your family member or friend to drive. Our cars will drive you to any specified destination in and around Ashton. We have drivers who have been serving customers in the area for over 15 years. They know the layout like the back of their hands. We believe in improving our service delivery whether it’s in the executive taxi or the 8-9 seater minibus hire realm. We have introduced technology as a core driver in our quest to deliver better services.

Executive Taxi

The demand for VIP taxi in Manchester is on an upward trend. Travel Eaze has made breakthroughs to deliver according to the increasing demand. We have the best vehicles with most models being a few months old. Our drivers are VIP service specialists. You get the quality service that fits the description of a VIP traveller

Taxi Ashton

Forget the substandard taxi Ashton under Lyne services you keep getting from below par providers. Come to Travel Eaze and enjoy a diversified range of taxi services all hinged on top notch service delivery and value for your money. We will transport you or your group to the formal event and we have the vehicles that befit an informal event.

If you want to enjoy a trip with your band of friends and you don’t want everybody to come with their car, choose the 8-9 seater minibus hire option and sample the best of Manchester in one group. This is ideal if you want to save on fuel and some pounds. Our minibuses in this category are popular with families and small office or leisure groups.

10-12 Seater minibus hire

This is the better option compared to the 9 seat minibus. You have a guarantee that your will start and conclude your trip with no mechanical hitch. Travel Eaze has a team of dedicated engineers and mechanics who work all day to ensure these minibuses are in top form.

14-16 Seater minibus hire And16-18 Seater minibus hire

If your group swell and goes past the 14-18 passenger mark, you can go for either option. You will have enough space for your friends and the loads of luggage you might be carrying

Airport Taxi

The airport taxi option is ideal for solo and group airport pickups. Travel Eaze makes sure that you get complimentary help on both ends and we don’t surcharge you. Even if you want more than 5 transfer taxis, you can’t possibly exhaust our fleet. Talk to us today!

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